Roughly 6 months ago, I made a huge life decision. I decided that I was going to quit listening to what everyone around me thought and what they wanted. I decided not to care what other people thought about my dream and my decisions. I made the choice to follow my dreams, to go full force with hair, makeup, and even London. I was inspired by this lovely woman above to be myself and never settle. I learned that I need to surround myself with people that respect my wishes instead of try to misguide me from them. In these 6 months, I have been introduced to a world and to people I didn’t even know exsisted.And as chessy as it may sound, in all honesty none of this would have happened without Louise Teasdale. Thank you so much Lou for everything you have done and how you have influenced me.

2 away from my next hundred! :)

PS sorry I was MIA for like a week and a half I was on vacay in Hawaii and it was absolutely amazing and I unplugged from my computer while there :) But I’m back! Thanks for staying with me everyoneeeee!


alex and eve! gorgeous girls. 

they’re so mod this could seriously be part of a magazine spread c

louteasdale: It’s a lovely daaaaaaay


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