louteasdale: Putting me in the ice freezer does not count towards the ALS charity thing

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louteasdalesam asked:

you're gonna do great at college!!!! I also love your blog xxx

Awww thanks! 😊

Thanks for staying with me even though I’ve been like m.i.a. lately….I’m leaving for college (aka uni) tomorrow and SO much packing like guys I am so overwhelmed rn nothing is going to fit in the car and agh…if anyone wants to leave me a msg we can chat and make me keep my mind off this..that would be SO greatly appreciated. Love you allll ❤️


Old Lou, Alex & Sam artical 

Lou and Sophia

Idk why, but this is one of my fav pics ever ✨✨✨

lilyallen:  @samanfagram getting stuck in #carlashendoo